Writing and Observation Skills Assessment

PeopleCampion, Barrow, and Associates (CBA) and Sussex Management Associates (SMA) have combined efforts to produce the WOSA to evaluate the reporting and observation skills of prospective candidates. The combined efforts these well known, well established organizations bring to police agencies throughout the nation are an added benefit.

The WOSA is a unique way to measure skills of applicants and in-service police officers alike. This assessment is an opportunity for police departments to satisfy an urgent need.

An eight-minute video of a police situation is used. Questions are asked that relate directly to the facts and details about the scenario. Responses are used to assess the applicants' or officers' ability to absorb and recall important information accurately.

The WOSA plays a pivotal role in preparing police officer candidates for the demands of reporting under strenuous circumstances. The assessment is predicated on the expectation applicants can read and write at an eighth grade level. It provides benchmarks against which candidates may measure their knowledge and performance. CBA and SMA are attempting to make the WOSA available to those colleges and departments throughout the nation seeking to determine the best candidates and officers for law enforcement positions.

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